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Who We Are

We're helping solve IMPORTANT GLOBAL ISSUES.


Futurae Vision is an innovation company focused on improving people’s lives and the future of our planet while facilitating business growth and development in efficient and sustainable ways. The team at Futurae Vision believes it is our responsibility as humans to leave the world better than when we arrived and if we don’t, we will contribute to the rapid destruction of our planet in the present and for future generations. Born from the notion that change requires awareness and awareness requires education, Futurae Vision exists to help people and businesses around the globe understand how their choices and habits impact the world, other people and businesses, and future generations.


Yaheya Heikal Headshot 2023


Yaheya Heikal


It’s important to me to help improve quality of life for people around the world while protecting our planet. It’s our responsibility to create a more equitable world.



Erin James

COO + Interim CMO

Every action we take impacts people and our planet. We cannot wait 10, 20, 30 years to fix the problems we as people are creating. We must take action now to protect the world for future generations.